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2007 - April 28th - Saturday

JH sorted out items from Family Tree File, and Donation File, etc, to send to Ray to hand to the Independent Assessor: JH obtained A3 copies of the first Family Tree sent to her by Edwin Hipsey in Canada, and of her birth certificate, at Square Discount; otherwise she scanned the documents herself; JH typed out a list – in the format of a letter to Ray – of all the copies she sent to Ray; JH included a copy of the photograph, of Kathy and I talking whilst looking at a photo album, which was taken at the first Millennium Reunion.


2007 - April 29th - Sunday

JH posted off package to Ray – and caught the Sunday1 collection at 1.45pm!  JH phoned Ralph – but Kathy was still in hospital: Ralph and JH had a general recap about the situation; Ralph told JH that Kathy had been ‘over the moon’ when JH had told her that we had a date for our operations; furthermore, the photos had been received and were being shown around to all the nurses!  Ralph was still eager to pay for the photos but JH explained that, in the note she had made a suggestion, which was that - as JH had noticed her daphne had died - the Skinners might like to give her a National Garden Scheme Voucher; Ralph asked if JH’s note was in the card with the cats on: JH had sent one of Brian Pollard’s cat cards!  Ralph said that he had, on one occasion, gone to Cyprus on his own when Kathy had got struck down {before commencing on dialysis} so as not to lose any cash on the holiday but, from his point of view of course, it was a disaster, as he moped around on his own.

1Royal Mail stopped Sunday Collections very shortly after JH's 2-minute dash to the postbox!