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2007 - August 28th - Tuesday

Kathy replied to JH’s email saying that she had an MRI scan of her back arranged for 17th September.


2007 - August 30th - Thursday

JH was due for an eye examination at Bateman’s Opticians – and when she attended for the appointment JH ordered a new pair of spectacle fames with lenses to the new prescription, although there was not much change in the prescription.  JH was aware that the lenses – which were inserted into the old frames in September 2002 - were now both visibly scratched.  JH collected her new Spectacles on 12th September.

2007 - August 31st - Friday

JH went to see Dr Hateley about her whiplash injury as, although she had been able to cope without analgesics for a number of days, she was now unable to control her pain with her own cocktail of ibuprofen and paracetamol.  Dr Hateley showed JH super pictures of her brachial plexus on his computer: JH had ‘irritated’ neck muscles as well as a problem with ‘bruising’ of her brachial plexus, so JH was prescribed diclofenac - instead of ibuprofen, and only in the short term – and co-dydramol.  JH said she would ‘prevent clogging up’ with her use of suppositories!