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2007 - July 28th - Saturday

Kathy rang JH: Kathy told JH that the schedule of her appointments had been altered as she was scheduled to go to the RLH on Tuesday, 31 July 2007, next week when she would be having a scan of her abdomen prior to her stent {presumably in her ‘new’ ureter} being removed.  Kathy told JH that she, and Ralph of course, planned to come to the RLH on Thursday 2nd August, and meet JH; it was arranged that we would all meet in the Good Samaritan at 12.45pm.  JH did tell Kathy that she was anxious that Kathy did not feel under any obligation to trundle up to the Hospital yet again; Kathy reassured JH that they really wished to come – although Kathy did give the aside, ‘if you want us to’, which shows the measure of the understanding between us; JH said that Mary Andrews was travelling with JH.  

Obviously Ray had found Kathy in the Renal Outpatients Department yesterday afternoon; Kathy said she had told him that JH ‘lacked incentive’ to which JH observed that she had been given an encouraging ‘pep talk’ by Ray!  Kathy was intending to go to the Hipsey party in the evening, and also to the picnic in Greenwich Park the following day – although they were not planning to take ‘everything and the kitchen sink’ and planned to go to the café for lunch.  Kathy was still needing to be pushed around in a wheelchair, as her legs are still painful when she attempts to walk: further investigations will be performed.  

When Kathy phoned, JH had to rush downstairs at 11.00am – having still been reclining in bed with a good book; Kathy was still reclining in bed!  Kathy asked JH what she planned to do for the rest of the day, and JH mentioned finishing reading her good book, doing correspondence, and that she was expecting Lyn Headon to call round.  In spite of everything Kathy is really happy, and JH has no regrets whatsoever – so there!

Kathy told JH that Lorraine is still in Spain although it was Michelle, her sister, who had actually lived with her step-mother [from what Kathy said, JH understood Michelle to be an ‘unmanageable’ child – and so went to live with step-mum]; Lyn, their step-mother, had been admitted to hospital – being at the end stage of her life following two mastectomies for breast cancer; Lyn is 58 years old, ie, 10 years younger than Kathy.

[No entries for 23rd, 24th, 26th, or 29th July]


At the beginning of the week, JH noted that she had NOT been getting up 5 to 6 times in the night to PU - after having had a lazy morning the day before - so she decided to recline more in bed in the mornings with a good book!  [In other words, JH contrived a 'reason' to be lazy!]  On 31st July, JH commenced writing a letter to her MP, Alison Seabeck, about Patientline and Mobile Phones which was finally dispatched on 8th August. On Wednesday 1st August JH travelled up to the RLH and stayed at JHH for one night prior to her 6/52 postoperative Follow-Up Appointment on 2nd August.  Mary accompanied JH, and stayed at Mary Haddock's.