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Letter to Jeanette from Edwin Nov 1995

Edwin L. Hipsey
993 . . .
Victoria B.C.

28 November 1995

Dear Miss Hipsey,

Here in Western Canada we are very much aware of what time it is when we make a call overseas. We do our homework, consider the time difference, consider the cost and try to make the call as productive as possible in the shortest time. (Unfortunately we cannot always be aware of what our correspondents programme is at that time.) I had a pretty long day yesterday and was going to retire early but I was intrigued by the fact of contacting a couple of more Hipseys so I decided to stay up until after midnight to make the call.

After our conversation last night (8 am your time -midnight Monday our time) I must admit I had reservations about writing this letter. I have addressed you as Miss, for that is how you identified yourself initially so I assume that you are not all uptight about this Ms. business. After you had also volunteered your name (I did not ask you for it) and the very liberal way that you had put me in the picture so to speak as to your state of dress (or should I say undress) and details that only your dentist would know, certainly not a stranger on the other side of the world, I was a Iittle taken aback when you said 'Oh, we are on first name basis now.'

Out here in the "colonies” we are a little more laid back and in many cases even bank managers refer to clients with their first name, especially new ones. So I figured, not wishing to waste time and having the same name, and I did not want to keep you standing around getting cold or be late for work, I would cut to the chase and use the name that you had just offered. However I guess that is still not the accepted rule in Britain so for that I apologise. I do respect your concern as to how I came across your phone number and to back my story up have enclosed a copy of the article that set me off making 5 phone calls to England. Two to J.S in Stubbington, which turned out he had moved to Waterlooville, one to Charles Henry in Essex and two , one to you and one to a Mr. Hipsey in Plympton ,who , when I told him who I was where from and what I was doing, either angrily or irritatedly said 'I'm not interested in that rubbish I'd rather listen to the Budget, bye and hung up. So I got the feeling that there is a lot of anger around in the West Country. A lot different than when I was in that neck of the woods in the Navy. I also realise your concern about giving out your address You asked me if I were from Burkes Peerage (I can assure you that as far as I have gathered there is no danger of the Hipseys being in the Burkes Peerage) it made me think of the time that I have received telephone calls trying to sell me something and the junk mail is horrendous at times. I think that you are very wise to establish to whom you are taking to before handing out personal information but thank you for giving it to me.

I did enjoy talking to you last night and you said that you worked at the hospital. I take it that you have a very different kind of job than a nurse. All the nurses that I have ever met always seem to be on 12 hour shift starting at 7 o’clock am or pm. My wife Sheila is a retired nurse (graduated from Leeds General Infirmary) and my step-daughter is a nursing aide here in Victoria.

I am enclosing a copy of the family as far as I know it at this time. What I would be grateful for, if you can find a few moments in what I suspect is a pretty busy programme, is to put down any details about your own family. You could use the enclosed tree as a sort of guide. Any information would be very welcome. I'm doing this for my family's benefit. They are always asking me where they come from. There seems to be a connection with Holland somewhere Have you heard of this as you were so obviously independent on the phone, I guess that your parents do not reside with you. Perhaps you could you also contact them and they could fill in a few details, any details at all would be great. I have just found out that a Douglas Hipsey was killed during the war in while serving on a searchlight unit. I have written to the War Office to try to find out more. My own brother Ron was killed in action in Burma in 1942. This family tracing is very addictive and when a lead shows up I just want to get on and follow it up. William Hipsey from Maldon is at present in Holland following up a lead that he might have there. He left to-day Tuesday. Most of the information I have at present centres around Maldon in Essex where the information seems to suggest the Hipsey family originated .One particular One became a missionary in India and his descendants ended up in the southern hemisphere and a contact was made in New Zealand.

I do hope that you will be able to help nut on this project. On reflection about the gentleman I spoke to last night I was thinking that if I had his initial and address. which is available in the telephone directory, I could do as I am doing with you and send a follow-up letter in the hope that he will be able to assist me when he learns that I am genuine and not out to sell him something.

This is not the sort of thing that one can rush at, it takes time and although I am anxious to learn of any details I realise that I will have to have the patience and wait until folk have the time to write to me. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. In case I do not hear from you before the 25 December may I on behalf of my wife and myself wish you the very best of season’s greetings for Christmas and the New Year.

Kindest regards